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  • Introduction To Infrared Thermography - Arlington

Introduction To Infrared Thermography - Arlington

  • July 09, 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • La Qunita Inn & Suites 825 N. Watson Rd. Arlington, Texas 76011
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Have you been thinking about adding thermal imaging to your list of ancillary services to provide your clients?

This one day introduction course is intended to give you the basic knowledge necessary to perform IR investigations of single or multifamily dwellings to identify envelope, moisture, electrical and mechanical issues. This course covers IR camera operation, and basic report generation, fundamentals of IR science and heat transfer principles. Your instructor will cover inspection techniques, tips and tricks, standards and application examples as well as pitfalls to avoid.

One of the aims is to prepare you to be successful with making measurements and to help you understand the capabilities and limitations of infrared thermography tools and knowledge. The course covers basic heat transfer theory and the theory of application of infrared thermography investigations of building envelopes, insulation, roofs, electrical systems, HVAC systems and moisture intrusion.

A residential IR investigation survey can identify thermal anomalies that indicate missing insulation and insulation defects due to damage, moisture and improper installation. The IR survey can also provide indication of moisture or wetness as well as air infiltration and exfiltration. IR can easily help you identify overheating receptacles, breakers, electrical connections and aluminum devices during your general home inspection.

You do not have to currently own an infrared camera to attend this course!

Course Objectives

  • Set up and operate your infrared camera and accessories
  • Covers critical camera parameters such as emissivity, reflected ambient and distance to target
  • To develop an awareness of the broad range of potential uses of Infrared Imaging
  • Follow written inspection procedures
  • Record quality thermographic data
  • Make basic temperature measurements
  • List environmental influences, constraints, and industry standards
  • Recognize favorable conditions
  • Diagnose temperature patterns
  • Generate a report

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Approved for 8 hours of Continuing Education.

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